Serie & Name: Star Trek DS9 Profiles (Complete) with Sell Sheet & Sealed Box
Made By: Skybox
Year: 1997
MIB or MOC: No, Mint in Binder

Serie & Name: Set 40190- 40195: Lego Racers Shell pollybag cars, finish and station
Made By: LEGO
Year: 2014
MIB or MOC: Yes

Serie & Name: Rise of the Federation: uncertain Logic
Author: Christopher L. Bennett
Made By: Simon & Schuster Inc.
Year: 2015
ISBN: 978-1-4767-7911

Serie & Name: Vulcan Shuttle "Surak"
Made By: Galoob
Year: 1994
MIB or MOC: No, Mint but Loose

Serie & Name: Star Trek Remastered TOS (complete) with Binder and Sealed Box & Rewards Cards RL10 & T37
Made By: Rittenhouse Archives
Year: 2011
MIB or MOC: No, Mint in Binder

Serie & Name: Leonard McCoy, Frontier Doctor part 1 (cover B)
Author: John Byrne| John Byrne| John Byrne
Made By: IDW Publishing
Year: 2010
ISBN: n/a

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