Serie & Name: The Animated Series Tape 4 (UK)
Made By: Paramount
Year: 1994
Printed in: U.K.

Serie & Name: #10 Bless the Beasts
Author: Karen Haber
Made By: Simon & Schuster Inc.
Year: 1996
ISBN: 0-671-56780-2

Serie & Name: German Star Trek Cards with Video Tapes (complete) with Binder
Made By: CIC
Year: 2010
MIB or MOC: No, Mint in Binder

Serie & Name: Commander Spock (German)
Made By: Mego Corp
Year: 1979
MIB or MOC: Yes

Serie & Name: Kirk, Trouble with Tribbles & Yeoman Rand
Made By: Diamond Select Toys/Art Asylum
Year: 2008
MIB or MOC: Yes, 1 Mint 1 Opened

Serie & Name: Weetabix: The Motion Picture (complete)
Made By: Weetabix
Year: 1979
MIB or MOC: No, Mint in Binder

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